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Anti-aging body and facial at Omotesando beauty salon

Omotesando Beauty Salon also accepts business trips

The beauty salon La Natura Beaute in Omotesando offers menus tailored to your physical condition and concerns, such as those who are tired from stiff shoulders and back pain, relaxation, constitution improvement, slimming etc. . In the facial, we are focusing on herbal peeling that promotes full-fledged skin rejuvenation and beautiful skin care that leads to youthful and glossy skin.

We offer a lineup of various treatment menus specializing in anti-aging for both body and facial, and provide careful treatment to meet each customer's individual concerns.

La Natura Beaute will do everything we can to help you maintain your health and beauty by resetting your body to what it should be.

This salon is also a massage and esthetic treatment for those who are busy and can not go to the salon, a business trip esthetic plan for moms who can not go out because there are small children, a business trip / visit esthetic such as a business trip bridal esthetic before the busy bridal It is a very convenient and very popular service because you can take a rest at your home or hotel.

Please enjoy full-scale beauty treatment salon at home or hotel. (This visit / business trip service is for women and couples.)

This salon is fully reserved. For reservations and inquiries, please use the dedicated form or LINE @.

Various menus

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Omotesando Total Beauty Salon menu

customer's voice

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  • S (29 years old)


    The skin has clearly changed!


    The skin has clearly changed! My big face is smaller than usual. The hard skin became softer and it was clear that the eyes were more open than usual. I felt the effect myself, but what I was most pleased with was that my husband said "I changed!" The next day was completely different from usual skin ^^
    I tried a variety of beauty treatment salons, but I realized that the effect was completely different depending on the person performing the treatment. I was very happy to be able to perform treatments that suit my skin quality and physical condition.

    《Please tell us your impressions of the cosmetics you used at the beauty salon. 》
    The scent was so good that I was fascinated by my smell.

    Please let us know if you have any points or suggestions. 》
    I feel that there is probably a lot of wrong knowledge in my everyday basic makeup. So, I thought after returning home that I wanted to consult about my usual treatment. Also, there is no particular point of concern, such as how to massage ♪ There is no particular point, but I am very happy if there is a hair dryer because the hair becomes petty after the facial treatment ♪

Therapist introduction

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  • Esthetician Therapist Kimi Goto

    We are committed to providing our customers with sincere hospitality, the best service and the best treatment.


    In 1998, she met “Aiko Yamano Doronko Beauty” and entered the beauty industry in earnest. Although I entered the beauty salon industry, I was totally different from the world I envisioned.
    While repeating the self-answer, he explores what true healing is and what is true beauty. While walking across the beauty salon and gaining a career as an esthetician, he learns manipulative techniques to pursue healing and improves his skills. Also, in 2012, I became interested in Chinese medicine by meeting “Chinese Aroma”. Also, during this period my mother passed away at the age of 65, and balanced medicine in Chinese medicine was felt very close to me. I feel that there is much to learn from “Chinese Medicine” in order to stay healthy and beautiful both physically and mentally as well as superficial parts, and then study in Taiwan. When working for beauty salons, she was involved in body making for models and celebrities. 2011 Opened La Natura Beaute. We listen to customer concerns and requests, and we are trying to make treatments that bring out the personality of each individual.

    ● All Japan Beauty Salon Guidance and Training Association Esthetic Advanced License Acquisition
    ● JAA Aroma Coordinator
    ● Refreshment and relaxation school Manipulative body care acquisition
    ● Chinese Herb Aroma Health Association
    ● Kampo Aroma Therapist College Certified Lecturer
    ● Holistic Kampo Aroma Association Certified Kampo Aroma Treatment Lecturer
    ● Croita Peel Certified Salon

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Store name

La Natura Beaute

Street address

Maria House 3-18-16 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

phone number
business hours

11:00 〜 21:00

(Business trips and visits until 23:00)

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The beauty salon where Omotesando is easy to access is located within walking distance from the three nearest stations.

・ 10 minutes from JR Harajuku Station
・ 7 minutes from Tokyo Metro Meiji Jingumae
・ 12 minutes from Omotesando

Even in a busy area, it is in a calm environment close to a residential area. The building has a cafe on the first floor, and the basement and second floor is a total beauty salon that can be used for eyelashes, extensions and nails. It is also possible to receive it before and after treatment, so please contact us for details.


About La Natura Beaute

The beauty salon in Omotesando boasts a high repeat rate

Body care in Omotesando beauty salon has a good reputation from customers

Many beauty salons in Omotesando have earned the trust of customers with high-quality treatments since the start of business. We perform treatment that can release the tension and stress of mind and body, promote the flow of blood and lymph, and expect the effects of detox and anti-aging. A variety of treatment menus are featured, and Kampo Herbal Detox is recommended for those who want to improve their constitution, and the Facial Regeneration Facial Plan is recommended for those who want to improve aging skin.
The repeat beauty total beauty salon in Omotesando is also focusing on after-maternity care, and provides a treatment plan for mothers with children up to elementary school to overcome the time when the body tends to change It is. After-maternity care can be handled on a business trip, but the staff will be happy to listen to your concerns and propose an optimal treatment plan. In addition, we offer treatments for those who cannot travel to the salon without taking time with other treatment menus, so please use it without hesitation.

The beauty salon in Omotesando has a strong trust and a proven track record

The total beauty salon in Tokyo has built up many achievements so far and has earned the trust of customers. We have a rich lineup of treatments such as facial care using herbs for rejuvenating skin and aroma massage that can relieve mental and physical tension. We have received many pleasant impressions such as “the staff's treatment is polite” and “I immediately felt the effect”, so please feel free to contact us first.
The total beauty salon in Omotesando also accepts treatments on business trips, especially after-maternity care for customers who have children up to elementary school. It is recommended for those who are suffering from childcare fatigue and stress, and of course maternity care plans also offer anti-aging care and facial care. We always try our best to give our customers a thorough treatment, and we will try our best to support the creation of a beautiful body line.